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Here my review about it’s real or a scam network.Here is Adnow review.I read on many blogs and forums that its a fake network. Some bloggers write a good review about it. After reading all or search I use this network and found that it is real and pay to all publisher. I found pros and cons of Adnow. I explain all about this network below.
It is a big network in Native advertising with high CPC(cost per click). All ads are good in quality and ad placement.I use this network with Adsense it helps increase my revenue equal as Adsense. Its CPC not equal with Adsense but if we use their ads with right ad placement it gets good engagement and provides good revenue.
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adnow review

Adnow Review

Here are my Adnow review and experience.

Approval process of Adnow

Approval for a blog is easy because it accepts all type of blogs it does not depend on high traffic blog. Small blog or websites are approved easily by it. No restriction about blog language it accepts HINDI blogs also. According to me, it is best to Google Adsense alternative for small and big blogs.

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Payment method and minimum payment

Adnow minimum payment is 20$ payment options are
  • PayPal
  • wire
  • webmoney
  • e-payments
its minimum payout is low batter for small publisher.
But i face a very big problem with this network with his payout system they pay me my earning after 4 months. i create many ticket and get a reply next week we send your payment.

See below screen shot my first ticket was created on 24-06-2016 and i create many support ticket in every 15 days till 4 months my last support ticket was 29-08-2016. and my payment was made on 11-09-2016.

adnow review

publisher dashboard

  • Sites:-
                      In this section your all approved websites are showing.
  • Widget :-
                        Widgets area is use for make advertising widgets. your all widgets are shown here you can get code. it is give two code. Place code together for create ad.
  • Statics:-
                       In this area your reports are showing adnow give click, views, income and ecpm.
  • Tickets:-
                        This area is use for get support. Here you can see you all support reply.
  •  Support:-
                         Its publisher support is good. they are categorized in Normal, high, urgent and immediate publisher according to him create ticket.I get reply within 12 hour.

Cpc and earnings :

I get constant cpc for india 0.02$ this is not good but ad engagement is good so there are no problem to bet good revenue.

adnow earning report


  • Approval process is easy
  • Accept all language
  • Real time update
  • Referral system
  • Can be use with other network (adsense)


  • Some time ads are not related to content
  • Publishers cannot filter ads that they feel are irrelevant or inappropriate for their websites

Referral program :-

It is give 5% earning of referred member.

Structure of payment

Accepted Language :- All
Website Approval :- Easy not require high traffic
Minimum Payment:- 20$
Payment Method:- Paypal, Wire, Webmoney
Payment Frequency:- Net 7

Updated on 20-April-2017

now i see the payout system is batter then before. For receiving payment on every week you need create support ticket and tell that release my payment. Adnow reply you that they are set auto payout for you you will receive payment next week. They said for one week but you will get in  15 days. For batter experience use paypal as payment method.

Adnow payment proof:

adnow payment proof
adnow payment proof

Latest payment proof :-

adnow latest payment proof

Conclusion :-

We can use it with adsense and other network its cpc is good. Because its minimum payout is low so small publisher are use and get pad easily. This adnow review is giving after test by me. Hope you are understand easily.


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