How post in multiple groups of facebok without getting spam

Facebook is most popular social network.when we post our link website or blog link facebook banned link or our link getting i tell you how avoid i tell you how post your link Facebook’s 500+ groups at a time post in facebook multiple group.  This is very useful for who want traffic from Facebook. and also for who want share his link in many groups of facebook.

I write this because many people ask my url is banned from facebook how i post url or what should i do.

How post in facebook’s multiple group at a time:-

make a fake facebook id first.
Now join groups on facebook which you want.
i recommend join big gruop and many group.
When you getting approve from groups now goto in gmail.
And compose new email.
in email address write 
Ad many email in a single mail.
type which message you want post in groups.
now send.
your message is posted in all facebook group which you give address in Gmail.

How make email address of facebook group:-

Go to in group and open.
copy url of group.
For example let
This is a link of this link red colored is group address.
Now make email id 

Follow this process and make large no. Of emails.
Now goto in is same of facebook book id.
Now send this email.
your message is automatically posted in all groups.

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