how unblock on whatsapp if someone block you latest trick

Hi friends whatsapp is great messenger for chat. There is no app which compete this. whatsapp have a feature that someone can you block. In this i tell you how send message when you blocked by someone on whatsapp. There many reason of blocking but every problem have solution.Here you find best solution for this problem.I explain With example so you can understand easily.


Trick how send message to blocked contact :

Let assume you are A and your friend is B. You are blocked by B. There is no way to send B by whatsapp.This is tricky time. You need a friend C. Call your friend C and say to  make a group and Add you(A) and B and say to your friend that make you admin and leave group.Now you can send message in group without any issue.I hope you are understand and enjoy it.Secure your gmail account by 2-step verification.
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Answer how unblock ?

  • open whatsapp.
  • open setting
  • choose account.
  • Click on delete my account.
  • Enter you number.
  • Uninstall whatsapp.
  • Install again from playstore.
  • When fresh install is complete make again your id.
Now you can chat who block you on whatsapp.

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